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Bridge water well screen

The release date:01/28/2014

Great water entering capacity Bridge water well screen is bridge punched proportional spacing on a pipe. It has the features of even flow rates and high entering capacity. Great Sand control efficiency. The traditional slotted liner is usually with 10-20mm slot and the sand easily enters into together with the water. If with wire mesh around, then the wire mesh will be easily broken and rust which will result to the outer material into the screen. The more worse result is that the well disused. Then the bridge water well screen can be punched based on different material to 0.5-2.5mm slot. Long using life. We can buildup high corrosion resistance with doing embalmment on the surface of the bridge water well screen. Then make the well using life longerEasy installation. Compare to other screens, the bridge water well screen is less weight, easy connection, convenient operation and so on.
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